Alliance Modelworks are planning to release 3 new updatesets.

This is an exclusive preview

LW35054 for Panther G

Correct mudguards, skirts, skirt hangers and fender configurations. The fenders of panther G started out with 12 segments, but each 3 segments are welded together before they are placed on the vehicle.
In other words, 4 long segments. The reason for this is so each long segment would share the same amount of skirt hangers (3) and L shaped supports (1 long 1 short).
From pictures of mangled panther fenders we can notice the long segments stay together and usually don't split up, because they are welded together... The other thing worth of a note is that position of the rivets would match the supports when this configuration is correct. Inner rivets for the L supports, and outer ones for the skirt hangers.
Alliance Modelworks mudguards are designed according to both width of the vehicle and with of the fenders, to ensure a perfect fit. The supports under the mudguard are also designed according to reference books, with the rivets all lined up with mudguards and forward sections of the fenders.
Majority of the bolts are etched on the components, as with weld beads. Save some trouble in construction. So are the chains for the same reason. Alliance Modelworks provides connectionless bolts in the set for people that desired higher relieves.
Meshes and chains are designed to give 3D appearances in close ups. Spare track rack used victor chains, this is something the other manufactures had ignored. The winter intake cover (for right side rectangular intakes) from the dragon plastic are of correct designs, except the plastics are missing the small wingnuts that locks up the intake cover. Our design allow you to move the shutter piece, so the intakes can be modeled closed or opened.
Tool racks and stowage boxes are all designed according to reference dimensions. 2 types of mounting and brackets for the rear stowage boxes, a standard panther G type which mounts onto the rear wall, and the ausf A type that was used on some early Gs. The lid of panther stowage boxes are very shallow (flat), so Alliance Modelworks gives 2 options. One you have to bend down the sides like any other brand, and another one etched out of thicker brass so there's no need to bend the sides.
The cleaning rod stowage tubing is etched on thinner brass (0.15mm) so it's easier to roll. The caps don't need to be rolled, they are stacked from ring and discs as you can see in the builds, make things easier. Two types of stowage tube mountings, one for the befehls panther. The star antenna is also included.
Cover of the crew heater is redesigned, with extra rings to stack up the thickness. Also option to modify the DML plastic. This set also includes some modifications. Details for missing road wheels; Connectionless letter and numbers for forged serial markings on the final drive housing; Tail light for the left stowage box; Hull machinegun cap, chain and tiedown; Little things here and there. We modeled the levers inside the front hatches, so they are movable if modeler wishes to drill out the hinges and make the hatches movable.
The skirts, lock and locking pins are all modeled according to references, note the position of the skirts compared to the fenders, no one seemed to have gotten this right before us. Locking mechanism on most of our competitor's renditions are based on restored vehicles and incorrect (aber being an exception but its skirt mountings and fender width have problems)
For backdating and mods. We included stowage tube and tool mountings for the engine deck. IR stowage box (replacing the right rear stowage bin). Mounting options for all types of exhaust configurations seen on panther G, Mods for the fume extractor plates...
We also included redesigned lifting hooks.
Use 2 0.3mm pieces to stack into the larger ones, and single 0.3mm piece for the smaller hooks, this way the thicknesses are closer to scale.

Pictures below of the 2 panthers are both G2, one is late production (without zimmerit), and the other according to one of the Italian panthers, with our panther anti-air armor set installed.

LW35060 Jagepanther G1

Jagdpanther front left fender piece, without the cutout for shovel.
Hatch and rail for sfl.zf.1a.
Latches for roof hatches.
No IR box in the Jagdpanther set, but 2 sizes of stwoage boxes for the fighting compartment rear wall are included.
Command antenna mountings for both sides of the rear wall.
Intake meshes for G1 body, and other little details for that engine deck, latches and bolt covers. This is kinda weird. The Aber super set only comes with 1 type of meshing, and that set is supposedly for both DML's panther G and jagdpanther G1. The two decks have completely different dimensions...
Other backdating mods are identical to the panther set. There are two configurations of rear deck mounting for the cleaning rod.

Pictures below are of a Jagdpanther built to 654 standard. Since Dragon has only released G1 jagdpanther, this is built according to one of the early vehicles issued to 654

LW35061 Panther G anti-air field mods

This set includes two types of cover for the rear rectangular intakes. The box type in my build, and also the plate type I didn't use (for late G)
To space the top armor, we included machined brass bolts in this set.
Two types of mounting for the middle (round) intake armor. Angle of that armor piece can be adjusted.

The panther G and jagdpanther set should each retail for ~$30
And the anti-air armor set ~$10

More sets will follow in time and we will keep you posted on the subjects.

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