LW35054 Panther G Detail Set For Dragon Panther G Smart Kits


For Dragon's 1:35 Smart kits. (6268, 6370, 6267)
Will work with zimmerit panther kits from DML as well.

Detail set features accurate fender, skirt and mudguard and tool rack designs, that are in scale thickness. Easy to construct.

All of the DML Panther G kits feature the G2 intake layout. Winter intake covers and crew heater covers are included in the detail set.
These Dragon kits also provided different exhaust layouts. Detailing items for all exhaust layouts are also included in the detail set.

Detail set also includes options to backdate your Panther G model. A style stowage bin racks, options to relocate tools and stowage tube to the rear, etc.

IR equipment box for late Panther G provided. Antenna and mountings for command vehicle also included.

The set includes these 5 sheets

The quality of this set is excellent. Everything should bend easy due to the "tickness" of the material used. Bendlines are very sharp.
Everything is included to detail your Panther G like it should be.
Take note that you don't need everything , you have parts for the A and the G version.
Check your references!

Sheet A

Sheet B

Sheet C

Sheet D

Sheet E

Instructions are very clear as you can see in the picture below

Complete buildinginstructions can be found on their website



This is a highly recommended set to update your panther A or G.
Suitable for the more skilled modeller.

Price : $35.00 + postage

Usefull reference - Kagero 11 - Panther AUSF A/G

thanks to Brian Nicoletti from Alliance Modelworks for the reviewsample