LW35061 Panther G Anti Air Armor w/Brass Bolts

First Look

This anti-air armor set includes machined brass bolts for installation of the roof armor.

Two types of engine deck armor are included. Box type for Panther G and A in Italy (Pz.Rgt.26)
Also flat panel type for use on later Panther G.

All armor are produced to scale thickness. Angles adjustable. Easy to install.

The set contains two sheets and a bag with bolts to mount the panels.
Bending should be no problem due to the "thickness" of the sheets.
Attachmentpoints of the pieces are very thin and are very easy to remove.

Sheet A

Contains the armor plates for the turret

Sheet B

Contains all the covers for the enginedeck and the weldseams for the armorplates.

Construction is clearly explained.

example of the armor used on a Panther build by Brian Nicoletti from Alliance Modelworks


This is a great "small" update-set to give that extra touch to your model.

Highly recommended

price : $11.00 + postage

Usefull reference - Kagero 11 - Panther AUSF A/G

available at http://www.am-works.com

thanks to Brian Nicoletti from Alliance Modelworks for the reviewsample