M1010 Ambulance

The M1010 Ambulance has the same cab and chassis as the M1008 cargo truck, but with an ambulance body. The M1010 Ambulance is a variant of the M10xx Chevy Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicles series of trucks. The linked page provides more information on the general characteristics of the Chevrolet CUCV trucks, varaints and kits, and a directory of links to Olive-Drab.com pages for other models of the series.

The M1010 Truck, Ambulance, Tactical, 1 1/4 Ton, 4x4 differs from other Chevrolet CUCV models by having the ambulance body, heater and air conditioning in patient compartment, a spotlight, patient compartment dome light and focus lights, Gas-Particulate Filter Unit (GPFU), radio and antenna mounting, and a 200 amp alternator to provide additional power for the extra electrical loads.

Some M1010 CUCV Ambulance trucks were used for mobile command and control missions. In such cases, the red cross symbols were removed.

Located at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

Pictures taken and shared by Matt Riesmeyer