M49A2C Fuel  Truck

Fuel Servicing truck M49 has a 1200-gallon tank body mounted on the M45 chassis (dual rear wheels). The tank body has 200-, 400-, and 600-gallon internal sections. Side skirts and running board on each side of the tank body are provided with sockets for mounting top bows and a top paulin with end covers for camouflage, when necessary. Tank body sections can be filled or emptied by a delivery pump mounted in the rear compartment. The pump is driven from the power takeoff mounted on the transfer case. The wiring harness for this truck is made in two sections. The chassis section of the chassis wiring harness is insulated against gasoline fumes. The front or cab section of the harness is of normal waterproof construction. No trailer connections or pintle is provided. A 35-foot length of 1 1/2-inch reinforced hose (with a standard 1 1/2-inch, automotive-type nozzle equipped with 100-mesh nozzle screen) is mounted on the roadside of the tank.

Located at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

Pictures taken and shared by Matt Riesmeyer