German ISAF Patrol in Afghanistan - 35004
Modern Armies In Miniatures

MAIM known as Modern Armies In Miniatures is a new company located in Germany. They produce a new range of modern army figures. 
The industry of modern figures remained less explored than that of the historical figures so this is a much welcomed new subject.

The figure in this review is the third in a series of three which are also released in a set of the three. This subject is a German ISAF soldier in Afghanistan.

This strong plastic box contains seven parts, namely the head, body, 2 arms, revolver, rifle and an aluminum strip for the belt. The addition of aluminum strip provides a value to this figure. This shows that Maim wants to deliver a complete figure.

The figure is entirely in resin, with the exception of the rifle and revolver. These are in white metal.

Remarkably, each and every piece is very nicely cast. Nowhere on the figure parts you can find any seams or air bubbles. Only job is the build the figure. Great job MAIM.

Looking at the proportions and pose, there are some things that are unnatural.
His right arm, the one holding the gun, is very backward and outward. Very uncomfortable when you are hours to patrol ...

The shape of the face is on the small side and does not seem disproportionate to the rest of the body. The eyes lack expression because they are engraved in the head. The missing eyelids are not natural.

This new company has put a lot effort into this figure which is nicely detailed and cast with exception of the "problems" mentioned above.its work made for a nice cast figure to deliver. This figure is more likely to find its way into the fans of modern themes.
All in all a very nice figure.

Highly recommended

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Disclaimer : Reviewsample donated by Frank Brechmann from MAIM

Review done by
Gijs Hagelsteens