Master - AM-32-006 - Armament & pitot tube for A6M5 Zero

Package contains 7 pieces (1 pitot tube, 2 x 20 mm canons Type 99 and 2 x type 97 7,7 mm guns
2 x cooling jacket for the guns.)

The set commes in carton backed resealable plastic bags together with the instruction sheet. All parts are produces at a very high standard and don't require any preparation except the assemly of the guns. These are easy to assemble by inserting and glueing the barrels inside the cooling jackets. All other parts can replace the original plastic parts by simply removing the parts from the kit and mounting the metal part by means of cyano glue.
Part dimensions and scale appearance are OK. Mounting these parts will highly improve the visual appearance of the finished model.


Samples were given by MASTER -

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