MASTER – AM-48-012: German machine gun MG 17 (7,92mm)

Contents: 2 complete MG 17 for use in many German fighters and bombers (Me.109-Me.110-Fw.190-Ju.87-Ju.88…..)

The two castings are in turned brass and separately packed. No flash at all. The instruction sheet is written in Polish & English, but is very comprehensive. Because these items are complete MG 17 and not just the tips they will enhance any kit of the 109/190 showing the engine/gun compartment in an open configuration. But in kits like the Italeri Ju.87, Arado 196A, Revell’s Me.110, after cutting the original plastic barrel, you can use this casting in a whole. Just drill a hole in the remaining plastic part to use the replacement ones. The diameter of the drill you have to use is mentioned on the sheet. Superglue is needed. Suitable for all modellers with exception of the novice.
Possible documentation: any documentation off the type of aircraft you chose will do.


Samples were given by Iwona Czerkasow from MASTER - - big thanks

Review is the work of Dirk Tollet  from