We are happy to announce that we received 2 figures from Corsarrex.

First figure is a 54 mm sample : Russian Bogatyr (cr-54007)

Second figure is a 1/35 sample : Russian Sailor ( cr-35016)

Before we begin I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised when opening the boxes.
Here I found two beautiful sculpted figures with a natural pose, very fine detail and a nice sculpted face.

First figure : Russian Bogatyr

Although this figure appeared at first sight too large, it turned out to be accurate.
There can be argued about the widt of the figure but I think it's safe to say that not evereyone (warrior) is the same size in width or lenght or has the same armament.

The figure is of a high quality, nice detail and perfect casting. The pose is very natural. The detail in the chain mail is uniformly well developed.

The pieces come in a cardboard box, sealed in a plastic bag with a painted example on the front.

The red quare on the photo above is the part that was damaged, probably due to transport. Luckaly it was in the sealed bag and it was an easy fix.

Other parts

When constructing the figure I encountered a problem.
It seemed that this figure was made from a different type of resin than the Russian sailor. It seemed much lighter and a lot more fragile. His coat was extremely fragile.

When I held it in front of a lightsource it was almost transparent in some places.

This had as a result that despite the caution taken when I removed it from the castingblocks, it got damaged in some places.
The best solution for this problem is to sculpt the broken pieces on the to the coat. Glueing the broken pieces is not an option because of the fragility of the coat.
We dont want it to happen that pieces will break during painting

Conclusion :

A very nice figure, with excellent detail. A figure for the more skilled builder and painter.Despite the problem with the coat....

Highly recommended

Second figure : Russian sailor

The pieces come in a cardboard box, sealed in a plastic bag with a painted example on the front.
Everything is neatly packed and when opening the box it's immediatly apparent that this figure is nicely finished. Realistic pose, nice casting...
The kit contains his body, his arms and three grenades,
you need only one.

Cleanup work is nihil, In 30 minutes this figure is completely constructed. Care must be taken when constructing the arms. Because this figure has a naked torse you will have to use some putty but this completely normal with this kind of figure.

Conclusion: A very nice, easy kit with a figure suitable for dioramas or separately. For beginners, this is an ideal figure. 

Highly recommended!

Both of these figures will be painted in a blog. Every step will be explained.

Samples were given by Igor from Corsarrex  - http://www.corsarrex.com/ big thanks

Review is the work of Gijs Hagelsteens  from www.modelbouwleuven.com