Scale Fanatic is a brand that produces figures on a scale 1/48, and busts on a scale of 1/16 (120mm).
The two kits that you can see are both sculpted and painted by Nick Davies.
Figures are delivered in a strong plastic container with a colour picture of the figures on top.
Other models can be found at:

First kit is the RFC and Pilot Officer Warrant WW1.

Both figures are beautifully cast and have enough detail to turn them into nicely detailed and painted figures.
These figures are very interesting to place besides planes at scale 1 / 48 wich is the most common scale in aircraft modelling.

Here are some pictures of the contents of the kit.

Parts and figures are nicely cast with no flash or seams. Pouringblocks are easy to remove.
Cleaning the part is no problem at all.

Price : 10.95 Euro + postage

The second kit, "Germand WW2 Guards".

this is of the same quality as the previous kit.

Here I have only one remark The first character holds his gun on his back. In order to make a belt that runs through his hand, is not really a problem.
 This is a common item on figures.
The second figure, however, is holding his rifle. The problem is that the arms are molded onto the figure.
This looks all very nice, but is extremely impractical.
You will have to make an opening in the hands, cut the rifle in three pieces and then try to mount it as natural as possible along the three visible sides.
(see arrows on the photo).
This could be avoided if the arms where made as seperate pieces.
So some care must be taken when mounting the gun.

price : 10.95 Euro + postage


These are two very nicely kits. They are and will be a great addition on your vehicle or plane.

Higly recommended.

Disclaimer : Reviewsample donated by Torben Sanders from Scale Fanatics.

Review done by Gijs Hagelsteens